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Miss Florida 2021 –  Leah RoddenBerry

Miss Florida 2021 – Leah RoddenBerry

The doctors and staff at NeuroSpinal Associates would like to congratulate Leah RoddenBerry, a native of Bradenton and former Miss Tampa, for being crowned as Miss Florida 2021. Our very own IT Manager, Joshua Marius, participated as an official Judge. The Annual 85th competition took place in Lakeland, at the RP Funding Center. Fore more… Continue Reading

Dr. King receives Doctor of the Year 2016 from Blake Medical Center

  BRADENTON, FL – Thursday, March 31st, 2016 – Blake Medical Center is proud to announce our recipient of the 2016 Doctor of the Year, Neurosurgeon, Michael King, MD, an admired and highly regarded member of the Blake Medical Center family.  Nominations were sent from patients, nurses and fellow physicians. Comments submitted for this award… Continue Reading

What are the Signs of Spinal Meningitis?

What is spinal meningitis? Well, spinal meningitis is a serious brain and spinal cord disease that occurs when the membranes, tissues, and fluids surrounding your brain and spinal cord become infected. It is important to note that spinal meningitis can quickly become life-threatening. The infection responsible for causing this condition is usually bacterial or viral… Continue Reading

How is a Herniated Spinal Disk Treated?

What is a spinal disk? Well, a spinal disk, also known spinal disc, resembles a small, “jelly” donut (i.e. a soft center surrounded by a tough exterior). Spinal disks are located between your vertebrae (bones that form your spine). What is a herniated spinal disk? Well, a herniated spinal disk, also known as a “slipped… Continue Reading

How to Prepare for a Spinal Tap

Are you scheduled for a spinal tap? If so, you are in luck. This article will help you properly prepare for this procedure. What is a spinal tap? Well, a spinal tap, also known as a lumbar puncture, is a medical procedure that consists of inserting a long needing into your lower back (lumbar region).… Continue Reading

How Can I Tell if I am Having a Stroke?

Am I having a stroke? That is common question that many people ask themselves when they experience severe chest pain. The answer is possibly. A stroke, also known as a “brain attack,” occurs when blood stops flowing to your brain. When the blood flow to your brain is “cut off” for more than a few… Continue Reading

How to Recognize a Head Injury

So, you hit your head, but can’t decide if you should seek medical treatment for your injury…Should you call your physician immediately, go to an emergency room, or dismiss it because it wasn’t that bad of hit, in your opinion? Well, if you hit your head, or experience some type of head injury (i.e. anything… Continue Reading

How is Hydrocephalus Treated?

What is hydrocephalus? Well, hydrocephalus is the accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles (cavities) inside of your brain. The excess fluid not only enlarges these ventricles, it also places considerable pressure on your brain. In a healthy body, cerebrospinal fluid travels through your brain’s ventricles, and cleans your spinal column and brain. However, if… Continue Reading

I Think I Broke My Back

I Think I Broke My Back

Most of us, at some time in our life, have fallen down landing hard resulting in a sudden severe pain in the middle or lower back. This pain may be minor and only last a few days, or it may persist and gradually worsen. The outcome of a fall may include straining ligaments, slipping a… Continue Reading

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