Miss Florida 2021 –  Leah RoddenBerry

Miss Florida 2021 – Leah RoddenBerry

The doctors and staff at NeuroSpinal Associates would like to congratulate Leah RoddenBerry, a native of Bradenton and former Miss Tampa, for being crowned as Miss Florida 2021. Our very own IT Manager, Joshua Marius, participated as an official Judge. The Annual 85th competition took place in Lakeland, at the RP Funding Center. Fore more… Continue Reading

Dr. King receives Doctor of the Year 2016 from Blake Medical Center

  BRADENTON, FL – Thursday, March 31st, 2016 – Blake Medical Center is proud to announce our recipient of the 2016 Doctor of the Year, Neurosurgeon, Michael King, MD, an admired and highly regarded member of the Blake Medical Center family.  Nominations were sent from patients, nurses and fellow physicians. Comments submitted for this award… Continue Reading

New Treatments Equal Hope for Those with Spinal Cord Injuries

Every year, hundreds of people suffer injuries to their spinal cords, and a sizable percentage of them end up in paralysis. However, for the last two decades, tremendous progress have been made with regard to improving quality of life for people who have suffered spinal injuries through new rehabilitation therapies and better treatment. In most… Continue Reading

Yet Another Joy of Aging: Herniated Disks

Spinal disks are soft, rubbery spheres that cushion the vertebrae or back bones. They serve as “shock absorbers” for the spine. Disks have a hard exterior “shell” that protects a gel-like center. When something damages a disk, the soft interior material may bulge or leak through a crack in the exterior. Many people seek herniated… Continue Reading

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The Risk Factors and the Causes

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a fairly common condition, which causes highly distinctive symptoms. It normally has a gradual onset, which starts with tingling or loss of sensation in the fingers; particularly the thumb, index and middle finger. People often experience this discomfort when driving, holding a mobile phone or reading a book; and often, the… Continue Reading

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