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What to Expect When You Have a Vertebroplasty Procedure

vertebroplasty-kyphoplastyVertebroplasty is considered one of the most effective ways of helping to stabilize a spinal fracture and reduce the pain associated with it. It’s more minimally invasive than most people realize. In fact, the entire procedure is performed through a small puncture made on the skin.

If you’re booked in for a vertebroplasty, or are considering having one, here’s some helpful information.

Vertebroplasty: What to Expect

  1. As the procedure is only minimally invasive, it’s unlikely to take longer than an hour.
  1. The treatment is completely pain-free; as you’ll be given local anesthetic. You’ll also be lightly sedated.

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Yet Another Joy of Aging: Herniated Disks

Spinal disks are soft, rubbery spheres that cushion the vertebrae or back bones. They serve as “shock absorbers” for the spine. Disks have a hard exterior “shell” that protects a gel-like center. When something damages a disk, the soft interior material may bulge or leak through a crack in the exterior. Many people seek herniated… Continue Reading

Back Pain: When Should You Be Worried?

In many cases, back pain isn’t any cause for alarm. However, in rare cases, back pain can be a symptom of something more ominous. The question is, how can you tell the difference? Chronic Back Pain Chronic back pain is sadly very common in the US; though the good news is that a qualified neurosurgeon… Continue Reading

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