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New Treatments Equal Hope for Those with Spinal Cord Injuries

neurosurgeryEvery year, hundreds of people suffer injuries to their spinal cords, and a sizable percentage of them end up in paralysis. However, for the last two decades, tremendous progress have been made with regard to improving quality of life for people who have suffered spinal injuries through new rehabilitation therapies and better treatment.

In most instances, long term spinal care is provided by primary physicians because they have more familiarity with all the unique nuances and the secondary issues that are associated with the condition. The high level of understanding by these experts have led to advancement in the methods and technology which will enhance the capabilities of those with spinal cord injuries in diverse aspects of their lives such as vocational, physical, social and emotional.

Among the technological advancements that have improved for the last couple of years are lighter wheelchairs that are amazingly easy to maneuver. By a huge margin, these helps to improve the quality of life by making sure that the patient remains comfortable while also easing mobility. Also, wheelchairs which have the capability of climbing stairs have been rolled out. This helps to overcome the architectural and environmental barriers that are an impediment to social as well as work opportunities. Continue Reading

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