Oh, My Aching Back: The Causes of Back Pain

nuero-imageBack muscles are among the longest, strongest muscles in the body. But despite their size these muscles can actually tear. When a muscle in the back tears or rips that is called a muscle strain. The most likely cause of muscle strain comes from calling on the muscle to lift a heavy load before it is sufficiently warmed up and ready for the activity of lifting.

One of the most common causes of back pain is an accidental injury. You can take steps to minimize this risk by ensuring that your environment is as safe as possible. Tripping hazards and other accident causes are multiplicative dangers: When you try to live with them, you expose yourself repeatedly to potential injury. Make the effort, instead, to eliminate such hazards from your environment.

Learning to lift properly can save yourself a lot of back pain in the future. Learning to lift from the knees instead of just bending over to lift will greatly reduce the strain on your back. This will keep your back from being over exerted and help you keep your back from developing pain earlier.

Believe it or not, sleep is actually an essential part of healing from back injuries. Your body does most of its repair work at night when you are relaxed and sleeping and can dedicate all of your energy to healing. If you are experiencing chronic back pain, then good sleep is as important as good medicine. Stretching properly before and after physical activity loosens up the muscles and increases range of motion. The muscles will be less tight and less prone to injury. Proper supplementation. Lubrication of the joints and cartilage can go a long way to lessening the chance that your back pain will affect you.

If you are frequently suffering from back pain then chances are you don’t do enough to take care of your back muscles and your spine to keep it healthy and pain-free. You can follow some of these pain management tips and preventive practices to help you cope with the stress of pain and function better during a back pain episode.

Drinking tea is an unconventional method of managing back pain but has been proven to be effective in calming disposition and providing a better perspective in both mood and stress management. Tea has a calming effect on the nerves and allows you to decompress, stabilizing your mood. One of the discords of back pain is the possibility of anxiety and preventing it with tea therapy is not only wise but also economical.

A warm bath with healing oils such as eucalyptus extract and tea tree oil is also a therapeutic and rejuvenating way of managing pain for your back. You can do this twice a week, or when you have days when you really need to soak and let yourself lose. There is something relaxing about the buoyancy of water and couple this with the soothing oils will definitely fix that back problem.

Another good management for back pain is the use of herbal supplements to strengthen your muscles and relieve pain. You can get in touch with your alternative medicine practitioner to get your supply of herbal pills or western remedies which are as effective as prescription pain medicine.

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