Life After a Stroke: Who is On Hand to Help You?

stroke brain healthSuffering a stroke can be a dramatic, life-changing event, and it’s certain that you’ll require support and help after the event, in order to get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

In addition to the emotional support of your family, there’s also a lot of medical help that you’ll require. Here’s a break-down of who will be helping you to recover:

Key People Involved in Assisting Recovery of Stroke

  • A neurosurgeon. You may be referred to a neurosurgeon, who will help with the rehabilitation process. A neurosurgeon is specifically trained and qualified to help with conditions related to the brain.
  • A physiotherapist. Weakness of the muscles is a common symptom of stroke. In order to get back to normal, it’s important to get back muscle control and mobility. A physiotherapist will assist with this, using mobility exercises to develop range of movement.
  • An occupational therapist. If you’ve had a severe stroke, even the most mundane of activities, such as getting dressed or brushing your teeth, can become a challenge. An occupational therapist is there to help you to re-learn these basic skills as quickly as possible.
  • A psychologist. A psychologist may also be required to help with issues relating to the processing of information. For example, it may be that you struggle to recognize those around you, or you may experience unusual emotions as a result of the stroke.

Seeking Help after a Stroke

These are, of course, just a few of the people available to help you with your recovery process. Recovering from a stroke can be challenging, but with the right team working with you, your chances of a speedy, successful recovery are greatly improved. If you’ve suffered a stroke, or know someone who has, talk to Neurospinal Associates today. We specialize in helping people to recover after stroke, and we’re here to help get you back on track again.

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