Brain Aneurysms: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

brain aneurysmAn aneurysm, in its simplest terms, is a bulge that forms within a blood vessel. This can occur anywhere within the body, but the most common locations are in the abdominal aorta and the brain.

When to Seek Medical Assistance

It’s unlikely that you’ll notice any symptoms unless your aneurysm ruptures. If this happens, symptoms will be sudden and dramatic. These include:

  • If your aneurysm ruptures, you’ll experience a sudden, excruciating headache. Of course, headaches are fairly common, but you’ll be able to tell the difference easily from a standard headache, as the pain is sudden and unbearable.

  • Inability to look at the light. If you find that you can’t look at any lights without feeling pain, this could indicate that you have a ruptured brain aneurysm. Be aware that this is also a classic symptom of viral meningitis.
  • Stiff neck. Stiffness in the neck, to the point where you can’t easily move your head, is another classic sign.
  • You may simply feel sick, or you may actually start to vomit.

A ruptured aneurysm in the brain is potentially life-threatening, and it’s vital to seek medical assistance immediately if you experience any of the symptoms above.

Detecting Brain Aneurysms and Preventing Them From Rupturing

Thankfully, most brain aneurysms won’t rupture. A qualified neurosurgeon will be able to run a series of tests to ascertain whether or not you have a brain aneurysm, and they’ll also be able to determine whether or not you require any medical treatment.

If your aneurysm is identified as being at a low risk of rupture, it’s likely you’ll be advised to have regular check-ups with your neurosurgeon, to ensure that the condition is closely monitored. You may also be given advice on how to reduce the likelihood of it rupturing, by making some changes to your lifestyle and dietary habits.

Finding a Neurosurgeon in Bradenton

If you’re concerned about anything related to brain aneurysms, simply get in contact with your local neurosurgeon today.

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